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About Us

IGspectrum serves Healthcare organisations with smart solutions and technologies which assist in capturing, sharing and distributing information for people who use health and social care services. Our focus is the delivery of solutions and professional services that maintain good Information Governance and address the specific requirements presented by the IG Toolkit.

We have developed a range of innovative, practical solutions to the challenges posed by data anonymisation, information access and sharing, and we help customers ensure their systems are robust and compliant with patient privacy and safety directives.

Our philosophy is to constantly innovate through working with our customers, listening to their needs and providing useful products and services. We achieve respect and trust by acting responsibly and placing customers' needs at the heart of our business processes.

IGspectrum is IGToolkit level 2 compliant 
Services are cloud based with access from any supported browser 
We provide services from a secure ISO27001 accredited facility with a N3 connection available 
All services are consistent with data protection legislation and adhere to information governance policies