About Us

Unlock digital solutions and drive digital transformation in your healthcare organisation with secure, cloud hosted applications focused on providing advanced clinical support and patient care to meet your departmental, disease and condition specific requirements.

Over the past 10 years we have worked as a trusted partner to deliver targeted, high quality digital solutions in support of process improvement, footfall reduction, patient engagement, improved care, secure data sharing, pathway support and digitisation of forms and workflows.   

Our speciality is providing knowledge-based, highly targeted, digital solutions absent from your electronic patient records system in short timescales. Our comprehensive portfolio of applications is available to all trusts. Alternatively, we can promptly configure new digital solutions from our extensive library of application components to meet your specific requirements. Deployment of our cloud hosted solutions is simple and fast and there is no impact on your own IT infrastructure.  

All our solutions are available within a comprehensive and inclusive managed service hosted at a highly secure, state of the art, UK based, ISO27001 data centre with 24/7 access from all popular browsers. We conform to national data protection legislation and adhere to organisational information governance policies. HSCN connectivity is also available.