Case Studies: Introduction

Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems bring huge benefits to health organisations and patients and are being implemented across the world. Storing and sharing health information electronically speeds up clinical communication, reduces the number of errors, and assists doctors in diagnosis and treatment. Patients are also often provided with access to their own information and this trend will continue at pace.

However, organisations often find that having implemented an EPR the ability to quickly and cost-effectively make important changes is not always possible or straightforward. Health organisations are effectively tied to a single supplier. The EPR itself may be complex and making changes can be costly and time-consuming. The list of requested changes quickly starts building post EPR implementation and difficult choices around budgets and relative priorities can cause delays and frustrations.

During the development of new solutions and just when you think that the requirements and scope are stable, users come up with more change requests. This is in fact natural and to be expected; the new solution provides a stimulus to ideas and opportunities. The result is further development iterations and additional costs that rise significantly.

IGspectrum resolves all these issues by quickly and cost-effectively configuring knowledge-rich clinical and administrative solutions which exactly meet the requirements of the organisation. The solution is then hosted in a secure cloud environment making it available to all that require it. Once configured and established over several years it then provides a perfect and stable template for your EPR provider to assess and quote against for inclusion of the functionality within your EPR.

A major London NHS Trust is already using this approach to ensure their health professionals have the IT support they need without the accompanying extended timescales and the high costs often associated with changes to an EPR. They are confident of the security of the cloud hosted solutions and trust information is shared across secure interfaces with the cloud hosted solutions we have configured for them.

If you would like to know more about how this innovative approach might work for you please contact us. We can also put you in touch with key stakeholders at the relevant trust.


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