Cyber-security testing applications, networks and WiFi security covering the use of manual and automated methods to detect internal and external threats and protect business applications and data, either in static or dynamic form.


It emphasises application fortification throughout design, development, deployment, upgrade, and maintenance phases and we manage any CREST compliant services required through our partner.


Features and Benefits

  • Attempts on DNS zone transfers for public IP addresses
  • Enumeration of services and Enumeration command support
  • OS detection and build version fingerprinting
  • Password attacks for public IP addresses
  • Firewall traversal attacks
  • Checks for anonymous access and file/folder privileges
  • Configuration files will be searched and access attempts
  • Email spoofing and mail / web/ relay tests
  • Web crawls, method support and web directory enumeration
  • Upload and Input validation attempts
  • Currency with CYBER latest threats enables a high protection level
  • CREST/CISSP conformance ensures high standard of security
  • Comprehensive report enables pro-active protection interventions