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IGspectrum's inter trust patient referral service at London Cancer is now mandated for use between all 12 of the areas secondary and tertiary care providers, to refer cancer patients.

Aniruddha Dwarakanath, Head of Information at London Cancer, UCLPartners says: We have been working closely with IGspectrum and we now have developed a safe, secure and reliable method for patient referrals for all 12 trusts in London Cancer; the service will support us in one of our key objectives of optimising care along a co-ordinated pathway

London Cancers inter trust patient referral service allows secure online submission of referrals between trusts using any internet-enabled device, with all information held in an encrypted database using the highest security controls. The automated workflow and field validation features assist with the accurate and consistent completion of forms.”

With its simple and intuitive interface the user can utilise a powerful search facility to filter forms by the referring or receiving trust, status, time period, NHS number, name, cancer type and priority. One of the key features of the service is that the number of days to 'breach date' are tracked and displayed.

New referrals and acknowledgement of receipt of referrals are notified by email and the role-based access control with full user administration and management allows clinicians to only view patients under their care.”

Stephen Rapicano, Director at IGspectrum says, “We look forward to continuing our partnership with London Cancer to further develop this service. Some upcoming enhancements include pathway specific referral forms, a Personal Demographics Service (PDS) lookup feature and the ability to attach encrypted supporting documentation and medical records. This valuable service will play a key role in improving patient care and satisfaction, and assist London Cancer in meeting some of its key objectives