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IGspectrum has been awarded a three year contract by Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust to deploy IGspectrum's e-Forms and workflow solution for multi-disciplinary teams across six specialisms, including the Vascular and Lower Limb MDTs.

This service allows clinicians to safely and securely submit referrals for MDT meetings online and review recorded outcomes at any point thereafter. It facilitates discussions among surgeons, interventional radiologists, anaesthetists and allied specialists, and will enhance the management of patients requiring treatment.

For the Vascular department the new interface will provide a standardised and systematic framework for information gathering and sharing across the centralised Hub and Spoke Vascular Network, together with a rigorous, homogenous and potentially auditable approach to the MDTM decision-making process in clinical care. This will offer potential for significant improvements in Clinical Safety and Governance.

Further new functionality is planned which will enable clinicians to attach pertinent medical records and it is anticipated that the service will be extended to the remaining MDTs at the trust.

Stephen Rapicano, Director at IGspectrum says, “we have an excellent relationship with the Vascular team at Royal Free London and this enabled us to configure our standard solution to meet their specific requirements. We are delighted to be awarded this contract to roll out the service to five more MDTs. We have delivered a number of services in support of the trust's data sharing and paperless strategies, and which integrate with its core systems.”