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Quicksilva, supplier of IT healthcare systems has partnered with IGspectrum to enable hospitals across London boroughs to assure good information governance around sharing of information on vulnerable patients. The partnership has been devised as part of a scheme to help the NHS to communicate and collaborate better with Social Care Service departments, in order to better protect vulnerable adults by sharing accurate patient information securely and efficiently.

This partnership uses IGspectrum technology to automatically populate patient data into fields on admission and discharge forms; these forms are then automatically sent in the correct format to the relevant social care department via conneQt®, an integration solution provided by Quicksilva. This streamlines the admittance and discharge process, and ensures that patient records are updated in real time, seamlessly and securely.

By law the social care department must be alerted to the admittance and discharge of vulnerable adults from hospital, so aftercare can be assessed and provided quickly. The service provided by Quicksilva and IGspectrum enables NHS staff at Whipps Cross University Hospital and Royal Free London Hospital to produce the relevant forms quickly, correctly and share them securely with the correct Social Care departments to ensure that vulnerable patients received the after care they need as soon as possible.

This partnership is also helping the hospitals meet the latest Government initiatives to create a digital NHS by 2018, by allowing nursing staff to easily create these electronic notices. The automatic population of the form’s fields ensures that the patient is correctly identified by their NHS number, avoiding costly mistakes, which can have a financial penalty for the Hospital Trust if not completed correctly. It also speeds up the patient admittance and discharge process and reduces other errors which can occur with paper based systems.

Stephen Rapicano, managing director of IGspectrum, comments; “Through working with Quicksilva we are able to provide a streamlined process that allows hospitals to notify social care departments of relevant admissions and discharges. They are able to access the relevant information they need to automatically create and share digital discharge notices. It is simply about providing a better patient service for vulnerable adults in London hospitals.” .

Gayna Hart, managing director of Quicksilva, said: “This partnership is all about helping health providers meet the Government initiative to ‘go digital by 2018’. Our focus is on improving patient care, through better sharing of information. To do this the services need to be integrated, the processes designed and automated in a way that ensures accurate and timely availability of patient records. It is a step towards joined-up NHS and Social Care services.”

IGspectrum's inter trust patient referral service at London Cancer is now mandated for use between all 12 of the areas secondary and tertiary care providers, to refer cancer patients.

Aniruddha Dwarakanath, Head of Information at London Cancer, UCLPartners says: We have been working closely with IGspectrum and we now have developed a safe, secure and reliable method for patient referrals for all 12 trusts in London Cancer; the service will support us in one of our key objectives of optimising care along a co-ordinated pathway

London Cancers inter trust patient referral service allows secure online submission of referrals between trusts using any internet-enabled device, with all information held in an encrypted database using the highest security controls. The automated workflow and field validation features assist with the accurate and consistent completion of forms.”

With its simple and intuitive interface the user can utilise a powerful search facility to filter forms by the referring or receiving trust, status, time period, NHS number, name, cancer type and priority. One of the key features of the service is that the number of days to 'breach date' are tracked and displayed.

New referrals and acknowledgement of receipt of referrals are notified by email and the role-based access control with full user administration and management allows clinicians to only view patients under their care.”

Stephen Rapicano, Director at IGspectrum says, “We look forward to continuing our partnership with London Cancer to further develop this service. Some upcoming enhancements include pathway specific referral forms, a Personal Demographics Service (PDS) lookup feature and the ability to attach encrypted supporting documentation and medical records. This valuable service will play a key role in improving patient care and satisfaction, and assist London Cancer in meeting some of its key objectives

IGspectrum has been awarded a three year contract by Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust to deploy IGspectrum's e-Forms and workflow solution for multi-disciplinary teams across six specialisms, including the Vascular and Lower Limb MDTs.

This service allows clinicians to safely and securely submit referrals for MDT meetings online and review recorded outcomes at any point thereafter. It facilitates discussions among surgeons, interventional radiologists, anaesthetists and allied specialists, and will enhance the management of patients requiring treatment.

For the Vascular department the new interface will provide a standardised and systematic framework for information gathering and sharing across the centralised Hub and Spoke Vascular Network, together with a rigorous, homogenous and potentially auditable approach to the MDTM decision-making process in clinical care. This will offer potential for significant improvements in Clinical Safety and Governance.

Further new functionality is planned which will enable clinicians to attach pertinent medical records and it is anticipated that the service will be extended to the remaining MDTs at the trust.

Stephen Rapicano, Director at IGspectrum says, “we have an excellent relationship with the Vascular team at Royal Free London and this enabled us to configure our standard solution to meet their specific requirements. We are delighted to be awarded this contract to roll out the service to five more MDTs. We have delivered a number of services in support of the trust's data sharing and paperless strategies, and which integrate with its core systems.”

IGspectrum launches Platform as a Service (PaaS) to provide the highest level of security to Healthcare Service providers without the cost and timescales involved in developing and commissioning a secure platform for confidential patient data.

IGspectrum's own highly secure services are already hosted on this platform which are used by over 20 Acute Trusts. In addition, one of the largest t rusts in the UK has selected the platform for the fast deployment of a new telemedicine solution to over 200 service users.

IGpaas can be deployed quickly and effectively to any or all of the 1.5 million NHS users without the need to engage with multiple authorities and stakeholders on deployment and IG issues and is fully compliant with regulations including: DPA (UK) 1998, EU Directives on Data Protection, SAS-70 (USA), FDA (USA), European Medicines Agency, FOI 2000, DoH and IGSOC 2 (IG Toolkit)

Stephen Rapicano, Director at IGspectrum says, “We take the security and availability of your data seriously. That's why we have partnered with some of the world leaders in hosting, computing and security technologies and are fully compliant with regulations.”

This service is hosted 24 x 7 at secure facilities (BS27001 accredited) and managed by highly experienced technical support staff and guarantees 100% network and infrastructure uptime to ensure that your database is always up and running. It is also protected by periodic penetration testing. IGspectrum's penetration testing services are accredited by both the independent CREST and CESG (CHECK) organisations.

Stephen adds, “IGspectrum also offers the highest possible levels of security by combining multiple levels of features, functionality and practices to protect your data. It ensures that your PaaS hosted configuration meets your required service levels and any back to back arrangements with your customers and partners.”

IGspectrum launches new enhanced web-based pseudonymisation service enabling the sharing of Patient Confidential Data (PCD) and is built in-line with the Pseudonymisation Implementation Project (DH 2010), allowing data to be pseudonymised at source.

IGpseudo is available to over 8,500 health professionals and administrators in healthcare organisations including Royal Free London, Barnet & Chase Farm and Brighton and East Sussex Trusts, and Bromley Public Health.

The service conforms to IG Toolkit requirements for compliant, safe, ethical and secure sharing of data across health communities and operates within all applicable legal and guidance frameworks including the NHS Act 2012, DPA 1998, NHS Code of Practice, Caldicott2 and the NHS Care Record Guarantee.

Stephen Rapicano, Director at IGspectrum Ltd, explains, “IGpseudo treats the NHS number as the primary patient identifier and ensures that the same hashing algorithm is applied to the NHS number throughout the service. This ensures that diverse data sets from multiple sources can be aggregated and analysed consistently for a given patient; thereby fully supporting commissioning and risk stratification objectives. All other PCD data items are hashed differently each time so reverse derivation is not possible.”

The service also allows encoding to LSOA codes where required and creates pseudonyms where no NHS number exists. Like all IGspectrum’s services, no software installation required, users can access service from any web browser, is hosted at a secure ISO27001 accredited facility and can be delivered via an N3 connection.

“IGspectrum has provided the Trust with a cost-effective way of pseudonymising PCD for data sharing as well as providing an easy way to encrypt confidential clinical data outside of NHS net,” says the Data Protection Officer of a major London Trust.