CCS 2935 Supplier AW




The Electronic Forms service, with integrated workflow management, provides a centralised, intuitive platform on which forms can be automated, accessed and managed using any web browser device. Rules and workflows for completing forms are fully automated and information is captured, stored securely and made available to all that require access.  The cost effective service is hosted securely at an ISO27001 accredited facility and, as with all IGspectrum services, complies with the NHS IG Toolkit requirements.


  • Enables sharing through approval, alerting and broadcasting functionality
  • Supports navigation and image management functions
  • Automated workflow and approval process for the recording of outcomes
  • Different levels of user access to submit and view data
  • Secure online submissions using any internet-enabled device
  • Secure system access with data held in an encrypted database


  • Automation and digitisation of forms quickly and cost-effectively
  • Data accuracy increased through on-line validation
  • No software installation required
  • Service complies with the NHS IG Toolkit requirements
  • Users can access the service through any internet-enabled device
  • Simple e-form creation process

Examples of forms currently in use are:


This web based workflow and electronic forms service has recently been deployed to support the Vascular Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting process.  Clinicians can now safely and securely submit referrals for MDT meetings online and review recorded outcomes at any point thereafter.


Electronic Referrals


Incorporating integrated workflow management this provides a centralised, intuitive, platform on which all referrals can be digitised, automated, accessed, transferred and managed using any web browser on all devices.  Rules and workflows for completing and receiving forms are fully automated and information is captured, stored and made available securely.

Current applications include:

  • Cancer Referrals between 12 of London’s secondary and tertiary cancer care providers
  • Referrals to A&E from a specialist mental health trust
  • Referrals to Neurology and Neurophysiology Department also integrated into a comprehensive workflow management suite which includes approval, alerting and broadcasting
  • Mum to be and GP Maternity Referrals