CCS 2935 Supplier AW




An innovative, web based patient enquiry portal that enables patients, and their referrers, to interact directly with Trusts or care organisations. The system has been accredited under the Cabinet Office Risk Management and Accreditation (RMAD) process. Access to the portal is by using any web-enabled device.


  • Patient completed forms include:
    • Maternity Referral

Enables patients to self-refer to maternity clinics

    • Private Patients

Provides the secure submission of medical records to Trusts or care organisation who receive automated notifications of enquiries and file uploads which can then be download thus fully supporting the principle of care without boundaries

Captures patient enquiries and uploaded medical records from the Trust or care organisation website and by assigning a patient identifier allows submission and linking of further enquiries and medical records

Notifies the Trust of all enquires and uploaded records with selective download, decryption and distribution of files, e.g. to clinicians

    • Family History Form

Allows patients and other family members to provide historical and current medical information using their own home-based computers and tablets


  • Patient access through any web browser from their own device
  • On-line validation improves accuracy of data entered