This service allows mums-to-be to self-refer to any maternity clinic within a trust.


The referral is made via an e-form on the Trust website. The mum to be provides basic demographic and summary medical history about herself and then makes a selection of the particular clinic she would like to register at.


When complete, the form is received by the relevant maternity unit and an appointment can be made. The referral is automatically relayed to the mum-to-be’s GP so that they have full knowledge of the self-referral.


A GP may also use the service to refer a mum-to-be attending their practice.


Features and Benefits

  • Mums-to-be can self-refer and choose their preferred maternity clinic
  • Relevant materials and brochures are provided automatically on first enquiry
  • The GP receives notification of the self-referral
  • Service also available for GP referrals
  • Significant take-up of the Trust’s maternity services