This service provides a platform for full automation and management of many clinical and administrative aspects of the Hepatitis Telephone Clinic at Royal Free Hospital.


Appointments, blood tests and investigations are scheduled according to specific care pathways with reminders and alerts automatically sent to patient, clinic nurses and clinicians. The results of the telephone appointment are recorded after which either care pathways are adjusted or interventions planned.


The results of Blood Tests and Investigations are automatically loaded into the service with other patient and demographic information received from the hospital EPR and via the NHS Spine PDS and SCR services. GP letters are generated within the service and then submitted automatically to the relevant GP practice.


Features and Benefits

  • Full feature virtual clinic managing patients through pre-planned pathways
  • Includes appointment management, reminders and alerts
  • Telephone interaction is captured electronically
  • Can be extended to include a recording of the telephone appointment
  • GP and Patient letters can be auto-generated and sent from within the service