A solution to your paperless objectives. Specifically designed for all documents not part of the patient medical record with extensive search, navigation and viewing capabilities.


Document collection, scanning and paper destruction capabilities are provided. Upload of existing electronic documents are included.


Documents are categorised by department/specialty and document type. Users are categorised (Organisation Admin/Document Manager/Document User) to ensure full user control with access only provided with those registered to view on a document type basis. The service provides a twin field global search alongside a meta-data search capability (e.g. MRN, NHS number).


Documents are scanned locally by hospital users and directly uploaded into the service. Emails containing information that needs to be stored are loaded into the service automatically by copying (Cc..) the email to a specific mailbox.


Features and Benefits

  • Single repository for all paper documents and important emails
  • Extensive search facilities
  • Automation and digitisation of forms quickly and cost-effectively
  • Easy and secure access to documents through any internet-enabled device