The Electronic Forms service, with integrated workflow management, provides a single centralised, intuitive platform on which existing forms are automated, accessed and managed using any device with a web browser.


Rules and workflows for completing and submitting forms are fully automated and all information is captured, stored securely and made available to all that require access.


Features and Benefits

  • Secure access and online submissions using any internet-enabled device
  • Includes approval, alerting and broadcasting functionality
  • Automated workflow and approval processes
  • Different levels of user access to submit and view data
  • Data accuracy increased through on-line validation


Examples of Patient completed forms include:

Family History Form

Allows patients and other family members to provide historical and current medical information using their own home-based computers and tablets.


Maternity Referral

see Maternity Self-referrals (IGmat)


Private Patients

see Private Patients Management (IGpp)



Examples of other forms currently in use are:

MDT Referrals

This workflow and electronic forms service has recently been deployed to support the Vascular Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting process


Admission & Discharge to Social Care forms

This innovative, easy to use e-Forms service is being used by 260 ward staff as part of a Trust’s ‘paperless’ strategy.


Private Patient Service

This enables patients, and their referrers, to securely submit enquires and medical records to the Private Patients Referral Team.