Incorporating integrated workflow management this provides a centralised, intuitive, platform on which all incoming and/or outgoing referrals can be digitised, automated, accessed, transferred and managed.


Rules and workflows for completing and receiving forms are fully automated and information is captured, stored and made available securely. Trust, hospital and departmental dashboards are included.


One specific example is the Queen Square Neurophysiology e-requesting service which permits external referrals for EEG, EMG, EP tests at Queen Square Neurophysiology. This service fully integrates with the internal clinic management systems. Once reports are drafted these are provided back to the referrer via a fully secure report repository.


Features and Benefits

  • Secure online form submissions using any internet-enabled device with a simple e-form creation and digitisation process requiring no software installation
  • Secure system access with data held in an encrypted database meeting all the confidentiality requirements of the IG Toolkit together with a full governance and audit capability
  • Flexible navigation and image management functions which provide ease of use
  • Subsequent updates to the referral/query are distributed as appropriate providing a consistent, secure and current view for all parties
  • On-line data validation resulting in increased data accuracy
  • Automated workflow and embedded approval process which ensures security, consistency and currency of information and status for referrals and queries with information available and interchangeable between both referrers and recipients which enhances communication

Mental Health Referrals

Referrals to A&E from a specialist mental health trust.


Referrals to Neurology and Neurophysiology Department

External referrals into this department are fully managed with in service communication with the referrer possible.


Maternity Referrals

Mum’s-to-be self-referrals together with referrals from GPs.